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with their trunk so wide

it can hide a full-grown man

behind them,

will not deter me.

I must see beyond them

and take note

of your heavy breathing

and the crunching

of dried leaves

on the forest floor.


The forest is not my enemy

but my friend.


The roar of rivers,

birdsong, and the rustling

of the leaves –

there’s a wind so I must adjust

and lean towards the wind –

these are not distractions

but challenges that makes

the prize so much more

sweeter when won.


I’m alert

so that when I see your chest,

as you are running to that safe place

where I cannot put

this arrow deep into your heart,

I’ll know just how far back

to pull the string to pierce

through the bone

and puncture

that which makes you run.


The heart is where

both love and fear resides.

Breaking it kills one

and sets the other free.

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