Cracked Mirrors

Two cracked mirrors, when faced, reflect each other as whole.   What is broken remains broken. But we are restored by all that connects us: the cracks, the edges, the shame, and the fear.   In the recognition of ourselves in the other, we transform them and make them beautiful again.

a convergence

Time seems to be playing with me. I wrote a blog entry that talked about how I revisited my journals and found something delightful and pleasant as opposed to my usual response, which is one of disgust. It involves seeing a name, a person I interviewed twelve years ago, who has become a really good friend… More a convergence

for a change

Every time I’m in Bacolod, I always end up picking up one of my old journals and reading through them and getting pissed off and frustrated at how stupid and idiotic I was as a young adult. I was over-emotional, always over-reacting, and I was throwing myself head first into futile situations. Maybe it’s the… More for a change