Yesterday, I walked in to my parents and my brother as they watched the final two episodes of Sense8. I had already seen the whole season (I loved it) and I didn’t get to join them as they were just finishing the last three episodes they haven’t seen yet and I had two phone calls… More “Emperor”

An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (Juice.ph)

It took me a lot longer to get this article out than I would have liked. Being sick/injured/incapacitated means that I’m not working at peak efficiency. I guess I’m not supposed to be working at all; I mean, isn’t that what resting is supposed to mean? Not working? But I can’t stand being unproductive and… More An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (Juice.ph)


I posted a selfie on my Instagram. It started off as a good day today so I was okay with sharing something personal. The other day, I posted a photo of cut hair, my hair, on the barber’s cloth that was draped over me. I was fascinated by the texture and random design that my… More simplify

contemporary voices

Here in my room in Bacolod, I found my old college book “Prentice Hall Literature World Masterpieces,” a huge volume of over a thousand pages of prose, poetry, and drama from all over the world and from the beginning of the written word. It’s actually a pretty magnificent book.    And I started going through… More contemporary voices


…and if I stay silent will they take that against me? Will that be received with closed fists, raised eyebrows, and a spiteful heart? It’s okay, they say, to be sad. Grieve.   You are allowed this moment of brokenness. But on their way home, when the rains come, they scramble for umbrellas or the shade… More silent