far from over

Last night, Janet Napoles has surrendered to the president a day (or few days) after he placed a ten million peso bounty on her head. Janet Lim Napoles is the woman who was tagged as a major benefactor in the pork barrel scam and the person who created fake NGOs in order to receive large … More far from over


they gathered in droves, the majority dressed in white stripping away the individual, inadvertently making each person’s face more prominent, more pronounced. they were all angry, they all had enough and most of them wore white.   they spoke amongst each other a hushed drone that reverberated, though some brought their megaphones and chanted and … More protest

you are there

I have two paintings of you, in my room, in my home in Negros, watching over me.   In a cafe, listening in on the conversation of the table behind me, in every sarcastic comment, I hear your voice, I hear your laughter.   In every art gallery, I can see you tracing a circle … More you are there